Got An Old Ride You Want To Sell?

Nobody treats you like family more than Tamiami Hyundai! We want to get you out of that old clunker and into one of our newer, more reliable cars!

We can give you a great appraisal offer for your current vehicle! Do you want your vehicle appraised right now? Let us help you get the appraisal offer you’ve been looking for at Tamiami Hyundai! Call us immediately and ask for Paul, our appraiser, to get a quote on your old ride today!

We want your car! If you’re considering getting your vehicle appraised or getting into a new one, you don’t want to miss the chance at Tamiami Hyundai. Get rid of your old car and into a new one, all in one place! Our appraisal offer is guaranteed to be $500 more than any other written offer. You can call us right now at 239-417-1222 to schedule an appraisal the same day.

Ask for Paul!

Visit our dealership today and get an immediate, on-site appraisal for your vehicle. You’ll get the best offer at Tamiami Hyundai. If you’re looking for a fast appraisal, a helpful team, and a quality offer guaranteed, call Paul at 239-417-1222 today! Paul will help you make your appointment at Tamiami Hyundai to get an appraisal!

Have Any Questions?

How can we get an appraisal for our used car?
You should call and ask for Paul at 23-9417-1222 to set up your appraisal appointment at Tamiami Hyundai! You can also visit our dealership to get an immediate, on-site appraisal for your vehicle.

Who guarantees the most money for my used car in Naples?
Tamiami Hyundai guarantees $500 more than any written offer in the Naples area.

How can I get money for my used car right now?
You can go to Tamiami Hyundai and get out of your clunker and get an onsite appraisal today! You can also call Paul at 239-417-1222.

***Please see dealer for complete details. Offers subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.